Lift and Slide Doors


Lift and Slide Doors are becoming more popular in current times and prevalent in most Contemporary Homes. Our Lift and Slide Doors lets you experience an all new feeling for Living. Large glazed Areas remove the borders between inside and outside, with maximum openings.

More and more studies are showing the benefits of natural light on health and wellness.  So Windows and Doors continue to get larger in order to control and capture where light plays in a space.

Realise all of your architectural ideas. These Doors will not only inspire you with its elegant design and large glazed Areas, but also through the wide range of colours and materials.

They are extremely easy to open and close while require minimal effort as if sliding on Air…..

These Doors offer seamless functionality while offering space-saving design ideal for those homes where space is a luxury. Large install Hights, (up to 2.9m or 9.5 feet)

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