Multi-Point Locks

To Prevent Crime and Provide Security

When a home needs to protect itself – or more importantly its occupants – against burglars, it needs more than a standard lock – it needs a solution.

Simply close the Door!

As soon as the Door is pulled shut, the Upper and lower latches (20mm) will instantly engage to become a 3 deadbolt locking system. It will make it virtually impossible to gain entry by kicking in the Lock-Side of the Entry Door.

Available Systems

Self-locking Systems: requires to actuate the central dead-bolt by key

Manual-locking Systems: needs to be locked manually with dead-bolt latch

Smart Access Control System: Reading directly via the finger scanner or the code Keypad, the Non-Networked System can function without additional Computer Assistance.

The result is an exceptionally strong assembly that withstands remendous abuse.

Best of all – it keeps you safe!

Why Multi-Point Locking is Unparalleled

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