Steel Doors

Enter Into Your Element

  • These Steel Doors can showcase the best features of your Home
  • Designing a New Entrance will give you the chance of creating a new look of your homes facade
  • Quality craftsmanship, durability and design are the Hallmarks of these following selections
  • Crafted to integrate perfectly into today’s architectural trends.
Lifetime Warranty

Novatech High Performance

  • Inspired by European design but built for the harsh Canadian winter, the new Novatech High Performance (NHP) system is an answer to the growing demand for environmentally-friendly product choices.
  • Combining innovative construction, robust design and ease of operation, it’s the perfect solution for your new Home or Renovation project.
  • The NHP system features best-in-class insulation to guarantee indoor comfort, superior energy performance and exceptional soundproofing. Its components are designed for durability and peace of mind, letting you rest easy for years to come.
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classic steel door

Classic HD-Steel Doors

  • Capturing contours and details with an elevated definition to the Panel profile like no other Steel Door
  • Exceptional durability and outstanding performance is standard with the HD-Plus Entry Systems
  • Top quality 24-Gauge galvanized construction and the added benefit of a Polytex finish gets you a 20 Year warranty
  • Available in 8' tall Doors

Executive Steel Doors

  • An innovative and distinctive class of Entrance Doors for the discriminating consumer
  • These fashion-moulded raised panels give a new dimension of design elegance to the door
  • The wide variety of Panels add charm and character while meeting the modern criteria of insulation and low maintenance
  • Available in 8' tall Doors
steel door
steel door


  • This Series is inspired by a current Trend
  • Depending on the environment and the coloring, it can present itself more from its classical or from its modern Side
  • Available in 8' tall Doors


  • Crafted to integrate perfectly into today’s architectural trends.
  • A Door that displays refined eye-catching lines
  • With its simple but expressive Line embossing, this Door is timelessly modern.
  • Add Stainless Steel decorative elements on top to enhance the impression of your individual Door

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  • To prevent crime and provide security

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